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You would think that running the horse rescue and Barn Buddies Program would keep Dr. Price pretty busy, but she never turned someone away that needed her help. Most of the veterans that crossed her path were from the Vietnam War, but she also had some from the Iran conflict, and the Gulf War.


Arthur Valdez was her first homeless veteran that she helped, he was living in a culvert, and had not eaten in a week.  She could tell from his threadbare clothes he had been homeless for awhile. He had only a small suitcase that contained his bible, a picture of his deceased wife, his discharge papers, a birth certificate and a bottle of aspirin. Dr. Price told Arthur he should come to her ranch with her, and he could help her out with chores. He agreed, they made a stop at WalMart to buy him basic essentials, and he had a hot meal with her.  He was able to get his VA benefits with Dr. Prices help, and he stayed at the farm till his health got bad. 


Ron Poteet was the second veteran that she encountered needing help. He was living with his dog in a broken down old van. Dr. Price didn't know at that time he had been living like that for three years. He would come by and ask to work for food, whether there was work to do or not, he always got fed, and he left with money in his pocket. The Cowboy Church she attended worked with Ron to get him an old bus that they remodeled for him. Ron got setup in a RV Park just down the road from the church, and his rent was covered by the church. Once he got his benefits, he bought a little toyota truck, and he payed Dr. Price a visit to thank her.


Michael Knight was the next homeless veteran that ended up at the ranch.  He had alot of skills but his PTSD kept him from regular work. Dr. Price put him up in the ranch hand housing while she tried to help him with the VA.  They made numerous trips to the VA Hospital before he got his benefits. Michael was very appreciative of the help he was given, but like many veterans he had addiction issues. He decided to leave working at the ranch, but not before Dr. Price helped him get a truck, and purchased a small RV trailer for him.  She told him, now he would always have a roof over his head and noone could take it away from him.

We just started working with veterans with Dementia and Alzheimers, and it is amazing how working outside at the ranch triggers good memories.  Mr. John Kaufman has early Alzheimers so working at the ranch reminds him of being a Dairy farmer after Vietnam. He also can tell you great stories about the missions he flew. Veterans with PTSD or another disability are also welcome to come to the ranch!

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