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MHMR Day Program in Texas

Stable Companions is looking forward to working with similar organizations like MHMR within the Springfield, Missouri and surrounding communities in 2019.

If interested please contact us here.

Stable Companions is an active participant in the Lakes Regional MHMR Day Program. The program usually has about 50 participants each day ranging in mental abilities of from toddler to 16 yrs. old. Our recent program included nine critters including
Scooter the squirrel, Charlie the duck, Rambo & Remington Lionhead rabbits, Mickey the ferret, Brittany Chinese Crested, Sugarbear, Sneakers, and Savannah our newly acquired African Savannah kitten. The program also includes a coloring book
about the featured animals, and a picture book with the animals stories in it.


Dana Price the President and Founder of Stable Companions, also tells participants about the "Barn Buddies Program" offered at the ranch. Sharon Ory, Director of the Day MHMR Program, told the participants that they are planning several field trips to the ranch in smaller groups. Everyone is very excited about the visit to Stable Companions, and look forward to many more visits to see their furry friends!

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