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We currently are redeveloping our programs to better serve our new home

and community here in Springfield, Missouri.

Below is an example of our Barn Buddies Program in Texas

Barn Buddies Program Texas

The Barn Buddies Program Texas is an adaptive program that is limited in scope only due to our limited resources. We usually have one or two specific individuals that we work with one-on-one, because it requires constant collaboration and supervision. Our program can be very intense sometimes, because it requires the individuals to learn new skills, build confidence and build on their self-esteem. We offer them a chance to re-enter the community as a contributing, independent person.  
Some people who find themselves mentally challenged, have trouble fitting into social situations. They lack social skills, so they have trouble getting a job because of low self-esteem. We work with them one-on-one to learn those vital skills. Barn Buddies offers them work experience and marketable skills to live a normal life. Participants in the Barn Buddies Program receive individualized training. They learn to

  • operate farm equipment

  • drive various vehicles (four-wheelers, tractors, trucks, hay wagons, lawn mowers)

  • how to change out implements

  • how to follow directions to erect structures

  • pour concrete

  • skills to do basic plumbing and electrical repairs

  • carpentry

  • how to use power tools and life skills (how to cook, wash and dry clothes, do dishes, operate a dishwasher, drive a vehicle).


They learn through experience to be dependable and integrated into a community. We adapt poor literacy skills, and provide training for skills both verbally, in writing, and in pictures.  We've found that graphic representations coupled with verbal cues seem to expedite learned behavior.  Around the barn, you'll see lots of checklists and reminders.  In situations where physical limitations inhibit safety, we work with what other options there are to get the same job accomplished.  We monitor Barn Buddies to ensure their safety and the safety of our residential and farm companion animals. The Barn Buddies Program works in conjunction with ouranimals to bring out their inner hero. We provide un-compromised care for those who need unconditional love.


Pragmatism, Patience, Productivity: This is the hallmark of success in our program!!

Success Stories

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