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Bobby's Success Story

Bobby was our very first Barn Buddy! His Dad and I had known each other for several years, and had purchased round bales of hay from him. I thought he was a widower or a single man because he had never mentioned any family. One day I went to get hay and he wanted me to meet his son who had just gotten out of rehab. I met Bobby and his Dad told me the story of how a semi truck driver had fallen asleep at the wheel and hit his entire family (wife, daughter and twin sons) head on. They had all sustained life threatening injuries, Bobby's twin brother had been paralyzed from the neck down. His sister had suffered severe head trauma. Bobby's Mother had been broken up pretty bad in the accident also and lived in a Rehab facility. Bobby had just woken up from being in a coma for sixteen months. He suffered a broken jaw, fractured ribs, collapsed lung, severe head trauma and multiple other injuries. When he woke up, he could barely speak and had trouble being understood. His muscles had atrophied and he had become very emaciated. Bobby wanted to continue his recovery, so his Dad asked if I could use him at the farm. Bobby's Grandmother drove him to and from the farm each day! In two weeks there was a new spirit emerging from his damaged shell. He got new clothes with his first paycheck, a haircut and a comfortable pair of work boots. Bobby had damage to his memory center in his brain, so repetition was key in reminding him of his responsibilities each day at the farm. He was diligent about his work, and after several months he was able to get his driver's license and his Dad got him a nice truck to drive. Anyone can be successful, if they have the right encouragement and support. Everyone needs a purpose in life and the Barn Buddies Program instills this in all it's participants.

Bobby worked for the farm for two years, and now he is living independently, working a job in Houston. Congratulations to our first Barn Buddy, and good luck with all your future endeavors.

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