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Josh's Success Story

Josh is our latest Barn Buddy, he actually is Joe's brother. Some disabilities tend to run in
families, especially if you have a large family, you may see it exhibited more then once.  He is
very mechanically inclined, so he prefers to work alone. He works well with his ADHD and his shyness. There isn't anything on the farm that he cannot take apart and reassemble, he is a master mechanic on everything from cars, tractors, ATVs or motorcycles. Josh hopefully will gain the confidence, and perseverance to one day be able to find a job that can utilize his natural abilities. He also is fearless, no matter what the task, or how high off the ground it is, he's the man for the job!
He just recently became a father, and we are seeing him being more outgoing especially
around familiar faces here at the ranch.  Dirty diapers can slow down a lot of guys, but Josh
takes it all in stride, he's always carrying Garrett around showing him off!!

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