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Contact Stable Companions

Physical address:

3250 W. Farm Road 94

Springfield, MO 65803





Stable Companions is a 501 (c)(3) established in 2011. Miracles happen at this 80 acre farm. 



Rescue, re-home and rehabilitate companion animals. Focusing on abused, abandoned and broken animals. Companion animals, who have suffered a loss, make the best pets for anyone who has ever come back from a loss in their life.



What We Do:

Stable Companions is a non-profit 501c3 organization that works with the community to house, feed, care, and rehabilitate abandoned, abused and injured animals. Our Barn Buddies Program works to help developmentally challenged individuals to learn life skills by working on our farm. Through day-to-day closely supervised activity we train them to care for animals, use farm equipment and learn how to complete projects by working around their disabilities. They acquire a new confidence that lets them accomplish their goals, and be able to contribute to society as an independent person. Every cent of money we raise goes back into the care, feeding and medical expenses of the animals on this farm.



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