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Joe's Success Story

Joe was our third Barn Buddy, he and Jon started about the same time. He had gone to school to try to get a degree but his ADHD and dyslexia made it impossible for him to do well in a rigid
system. While he was a Barn Buddy, he became very good at completing projects as long as you let him do it his way and manipulate things around his disabilities. He was an excellent welder, and he did several repairs while he worked at the ranch. When we needed a hoist for a sick horse he was the one that had an idea how to do it with what we had on hand! That is one thing about the Barn Buddies Program, it doesn't matter how you do something as long as you get the same result. Many individuals with dyslexia, autism and other disabilities have a very high IQ they just don't process information the same way we do. They have remarkable suggestions for manipulating a problem and solving it !
Joe worked with us for about two years, now he is a lineman for the power company! He is
another independent member of  our community, that is providing a service!

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