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We are committed to improving the well-being of wildlife though public education; focusing on how humans can safely and peacefully coexist with native wildlife, and how wildlife is important to humans and the environment. Also exposure to the wildlife shows both sides of the spectrum. One side is the old view that all wildlife is dangerous and a wild animal will bite you and give you rabbies. This is a myth.

The other side is that wildlife is a living breathing animal that also has family. Hunting practices only show killing for game and doesn't address the issue that you are creating orphaned animals by taking that life. We support responsible hunting which means: you hunt with the intent to use the meat, you have a license to hunt, and to help maintian population control.  


We also want people to know that there is a growing need and opportunity for a career in Wildlife Management & Rehabilitation. Many universities offer degrees in wildlife, AgriLife etc. Check it out!

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