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Judd's Success Story

Judd was our second Barn Buddy, he is the son of a lady that worked at the local Farmer's COOP. He was a great, enthusiastic guy, and was always up for anything you wanted done, but he was Bi-Polar. People have the misconception that if you have a disabilities you're not dependable, but I have found quite the contrary to be true. Individuals with limitations work above and beyond other workers, because they take such pride in their work. He had to take a lot of medications for his ADHD, seizures and his Bi-Polar condition, but it never kept him from being on time and doing a great job at whatever he did.
I'm happy to say that Judd is another successful member of our program. He is now off all medications and has been doing a HAVOC internship so he hopes to one day have his own business in heating & air conditioning. When he came to visit this year, he had gotten married and had a beautiful baby girl. He now is a father, husband and contributing member of our community!

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