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Horse Rescue


Gentle Ben an Arabian Stallion: Ben's Story (pictured above)

Gentle Ben was one of many severely abused and starved horses that were taken in a seizure from Pilot Point, TX. He and the other 91 were the lucky ones that got help, but for nine the help came too late as they died two days after the seizure. Poor Ben looked like a skeleton with skin stretched over it, and his poor back was broken and deformed from starvation and abuse. He was a gentle soul who was still trying to fight with another horse over a branch that had fallen from a tree when the humane society arrived.


There were two horses that were being allusive about being touched and caught, they were Ben and Lacey. When Papa Chico and I walked out into the pasture, they both came over to us. Lacey was blind from being hit in the head repeatedly, but she stuck close to her friend to know where to go to be safe. Ben and Lacey both circled us as we stood still, then Ben came over and put his head under my arm. Lacey waited for a moment then came over and put her head under my other arm. Sandy Lambert the Head of the Equine Division at the Humane Society laughed and said she guessed she knew where they were going! So Ben and Lacey picked us! Papa Chico was delighted as he started feeding them peppermints out of his pocket.


Ben and Lacey both came to live at Stable Companions as permanent residents. Lacey passed away last year but Ben is still full of vigor and attitude as he runs the herd by the half mile track. He is still Papa’s friend and companion, but he is always ready for treats or some free pats and scratches from a visitor. I believe that any animal that has a surviving spirit deserves to have a great life, especially after overcoming such insurmountable odds!!

Horse Rescue

Stable Companions is not your typical Horse Rescue. We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abused, neglected, abandoned horses, as well as those headed to auction and slaughter. 


Stable Companions Executive Director, Dana Price has over 30 years reputation and experience in the Equine industry, especially with Arabian horses. People contact her from all over the United States to pick up horses from owners who are dying or have passed away. The families want the horses to go to the best, so they contact Stable Companions. We have many Multi National Champion horses. Some of our horses have stipulations such as: can't be sold/ only foals can be sold, or can only be used for stud service.


We currently have 47 horses on the farm. They are family. 



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